Explore the Depths of World Famous Diving 

If you’re a diver, or just becoming interested in diving, then you owe it to yourself to find out why Nelayan’s scuba diving is among the best to be found in Asia.


Nelayan Hut is in the perfect location for easy access to some of the most spectacular and internationally acclaimed dive sites. 

From shallow seagrass beds to complex coral formations, every inch of the aquatic ecosystem is teeming with absolutely amazing marine life.

Colorful sponges, branching anemones, staghorn and elkhorn coral formations, the majestic spotted eagle ray, several species of snapper, grouper, angelfish, and a multitude of other marine creatures provide an amazing and memorable spectacle to all those who traverse these vibrant waters.


Undoubtedly, with its thriving underwater gardens, the natural unique layout of the sub-aquatic terrain, stable offshore currents, it is no surprise that diving with Nelayan Hut is best! 








Additional Activities


$80 Per Dive – Min 2 Dives / Additional Dive $50 ( Equipments not included )


$25 per pax for 2hrs (Inclusive of Mask, Snorkel & Fin)

Rental Equipment

Full Set @ SGD$40 Per Day
Regulator @ SGD$10 Per Day
BCD @ SGD$10 Per Day
Wetsuit @ SGD$10 Per Day
Mask+Fin+Booties @ SGD$10 Per Day
Torch @ SGD$10 Per Day

All packages prices mentioned above does NOT include Ferry tickets, Port Tax, Tips, Insurance & Equipment