The beginning…

At the crack of dawn, even before the sun rises and warms the sea, the fisherman braves the elements and darkness, ready to get the best catch of the day. The long and arduous wait, which normally starts at the stroke of midnight or very early in the morning, tests the patience and mettle of the fisherman, equipped with metal hooks suspended on nylon threads – a hallmark of deep sea fishing and survival.

It is with this spirit that The Nelayan Hut was established in 2019. A world of tranquility and rustic charm, The Nelayan Hut awaits you when you need a well-deserved break the most. Simple, unsophisticated and authentic, The Nelayan Hut offers the ‘best of both worlds’ with a fully-furnished colonial style design set against the backdrop of the clear, untouched waters of Bintan, Indonesia.

It is the perfect escape and retreat for pursuits of adventure and romance, allowing individuals and families to indulge in comfort and sea activities that are unmatched.

Be inspired. Be recharged. Welcome to The Nelayan Hut.

Enjoying the Tranquility


The sea breeze whispers to you, inviting you to a well-deserved siesta on a sultry afternoon. Or if you feel like it, a quick dip in the cool, clear waters around our Kelong would be perfect.

At The Nelayan Hut, your comfort and enjoyment is our priority. Be it a fun-filled family retreat or a relaxing respite from your hectic lifestyle, we have exactly what you need for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

With an eco-friendly vision, our rooms are fully-furnished with locally produced beds that are painstakingly crafted by hand from recycled and drift wood.

Equipped with the latest technology and features that enhance your comfort, our rooms are properly ventilated by ceiling fans and natural sea breeze. To keep you connected, our rooms are supported by WIFI network and power sources.

Dining is a pleasure, as we serve you nothing less than the freshest of seafood, supplied by our resident fisherman and local farms. Enjoy local fares passionately prepared by our chefs as they complete your stay with the best of cuisines.